Prospera Place

Regarding the public disappointment of the lack of quality entertainment (if any at all) at Prospera Place:

I totally agree with everyone who wrote in and shared their frustration in the public poll. The citizens of Kelowna are not getting the entertainment we deserve! I think that now that this important issue is brought up we should actually do something about it. In my opinion, throughout the past many years in Kelowna, there is a reoccurring theme that we talk about an issue, debate about an issue, but it is very seldom resolved.

Just take a look at the folks working at city hall. We elected them because we thought that they would actually DO something about the important issues we are dealing with, especially the downtown core revitalization. Instead the new council have done pretty much nothing. Well pardon me, they actually have done something; installed those ugly looking new street lights on Bernard that will supposedly “completely change” our downtown.

I, for one, would like to see them revisit the CD-21 and possibly find a solution to revitalizing the dirty, old, mediocre downtown core. The citizens of Kelowna want our tax dollars to go towards something that will benefit us, our city, and our local economy.

Instead, those tax dollars are paying the hefty wages of our elected council to sit around to talk all day, accomplishing very much indeed! Back to the issue at hand; if nothing is done and no action is taken, we will have to endure mediocre and very few concerts till kingdom come.

People of Kelowna, this will happen if we don’t raise our voice and demand a solution to the issue at hand. I suggest if still no action is taken by the people in charge of Prospera Place and also by the city of Kelowna, that we boycott the few dreadful concerts and shows that do come to Kelowna.

But in NO way should the Kelowna Rockets be boycotted! They are doing very well, Go Rockets Go! Let’s break the record for the most home wins boys! 

Noah Dietrich

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