Auditor General

The appointment of the Auditor General, I agree,should be made by a panel made up of the party in power and the opposition, but not weighted in favor of the party in power.

If the person considered for appointment is not suitable, lets have the Party voting against him/her out, make their decision public. If justified, no problem.

The bottom line is, If the party in power has nothing to hide, there should be no reason to open the books. Too often the "books are cooked" to bring about a result that favors a Government profit/loss.

Prime example....BC Hydro. Mr. Doyle is looking into the Basi fiasco and so he should be. These people pleaded guilty and it cost them nothing. They still have their million $$$ homes while we, the taxpayer, cover their lawyer fees. When we, the taxpayer, are guilty of an injustice, the Government does not rush up and say "we'll get that for you Bob".

Crown Corporation payouts is another example. How can a person receive a severance package when they quit or get fired?? Who are the "CLOWNS" that make these decisions?? We can't even get E.I.

We elect the politicians  to represent us and make important decisions to run the Province, and they are failing badly. Look at the polls...and they don't lie. Sad to say, once elected, the "Money Trough" is open. NDP in the past and Liberals now. It doesn't stop. The money being tossed around from taxation is unreal and the "doubletalk" to justify it is just as bad.

I know this letter is like water off a ducks back to the thick skinned MLA'S, but maybe they should give their heads a shake and do the job we elected them to do instead of sucking up to the "Party Line".

There are good ones out there no doubt, too bad they're not in Cabinet.

More media coverage is what we need and maybe, just maybe, something will change.

Bob Harris

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