Land development

Nice to hear that some infrastructure improvements are being upgraded along KLO Road, as to Transit, bike path etcetera.

But most people dont know that two large pieces of agriculture land have been removed from KLO Road in the last five weeks, with unanimous support from our City Council.

And one city councilor even stated, that their should be no land along KLO Road for Agriculture!

How blatant an intent to pull the wool over the neighbourhoods' eyes.

How can we even stop this when petitions, discussions among the neighbourhoods have been completely ignored and our rights have been trampled on because a few greedy people want to sell their land for redevelopement and could care less about agriculture, and what was once Kelowna's food heritage, is being destroyed before our very eyes.

What representation does the City of Kelowna give to the residents of this area,when they can actively remove land, and to say that because I live across the field that this doesn't, our shouldn't concern me?

The City council and its elected members are supposed to guide, and represent the citizens, and not the developers taking land out of agricultural land, needed for food production, the support of urban wildlife, and the cleansing nature of the waterways' courses and natural feeders.

One piece of land that will be destroyed with houses, butts up against Munsons' Pond!  Whos Next?

Hows that for democracy?

Walter Viita

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