Where are the sailboats

The reason the new bridge was elevated was to accomodate sailboats passing under it. Remember the old bridge,when on a Friday afternoon on a summer long weekend, a lone sailboat, ,would cause the lift span to open? Traffic would be backed up to Westbank, idling in 38c degree heat, in some cases, these boats would pass under, float just a short distance, turn around and come back through.

Many other times they would just idle along under power and never put up sails.Then why have a 40 ft. mast on a dinghy? It could take hours to clear the traffic.

Much to the great glee of their passengers.It seemed they loved pissing off over heated motorists.After all, they could have crossed in the morning or later at night.Im sure it was how these so called sailors entertained out of town company.

Most of them didnt need a mast because they NEVER put their sails up! Probably didnt have any in the boat.

I've been boating on this lake for years and I live close to the bridge. Is it just me or are there way fewer sailboats crossing under the bridge now that the novelty of causing a major highway closure is not there? Seriously.

Maybe it's just the price of gas.

Sara Takowski, Kelowna

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