Bus pain

Greyhound Passengers stuck in Revelstoke it is true about the hours of service for bus drivers and any truck drivers as well. 

But your Calgary driver could have taken them to Kelowna and would still be within his hours of service. 

They would have then got them a spare driver in Kelowna. 

With the regards to the driver who should have been there. He has to be within his hours to drive out of Revelstoke. 

Greyhound dispatch would have solved this problem, but unfortunate they laid off the Kamloops dispatchers in Oct. 2012, moving the dispatch information centre to back east.  

Yes Greyhound service has gone way down hill.  It's time the company shut down or get it deregulated, so other companies can run beside them in BC,  just like in the other Canadian provinces now. 

It's time for change. 

Yours truly Denise Whaley.

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