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If You are a regular reader of this column, you may get tired of the amount of copy I’m giving this group!  However, I make no apologies; in fact, Snakecharmer represents the future of good old Rock music!  The group spans three musical generations, and to have these guys come together, pool their Talents and produce such emotional music just strengthens the health of the Hard-rock Blues style of music that played such a dominate role from the middle 1970’s onward.

At the turn of the century, the original rhythm section of the renowned “Whitesnake” rock n’ blues powerhouse got together with other stellar musicians and formed ‘The Company Of Snakes’.  Touring across their native UK, the assembled minstrels constantly brought the houses down with their versions of such ‘Whitesnake’ standards as “Trouble”, “Don’t Break My Heart Again”, “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” and others.  “The Company Of Snakes” released two cd’s and a DVD, chronicling their ascent into the stratosphere.

Ten years later, we find two of these minstrels teaming up with four other distinguished British musicians to begin a brand new chapter in British Rock n’ Blues.  Micky Moody; guitarist extraordinaire, and stellar Bassist Neil Murray, (Whitesnake), have joined with Harry James, an astonishing powerhouse drummer from ‘Thunder’, and Laurie Wisefield, another amazing guitarist.  Filling out this supergroup in the making, Chris Ousey fronts the band with his distinctive vocal style, while Adam Wakeman reinforces the sweet sounds of ‘Snakecharmer’ with his skilful tinkling of the ivories!

Snakecharmer has a musical pedigree that resides in the upper echelons of British Hard Rock.  Laurie Wisefield was a long running member of the cutting edge group ‘Wishbone Ash’, with that unique three guitar attack that has been copied by numerous groups down through the years.

Adam Wakeman cut his teeth with none other than the juggernaut Ozzy band.  And yes, he is the son of Rick Wakeman!  Classically trained, like his father, Adam enhances the sound of ‘Snakecharmer’, giving the group a more fluid sound—both on record and on stage.

The finely tuned voice of Chris Ousey can be heard on numerous Rock records, including Vancouver’s own Kenny Koas’, ‘Poker Face’, plus his own ‘close to the heart’ outfit “Heartland.  These six musicians have created a Rock outfit that promises to elevate the heartfelt Rock n’ Blues genre back to the upper reaches of the musical sky.  These combined musical troopers have contributed, in the past,  to many a group and artist, including the likes of Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, and many more.

Snakecharmer are an absolute, bonifide, dyed in the wool supergroup!  One that will not supernova, like so many before them.  Why?  Each of these highly esteemed musicians are from the old school.  The school of hard work, hearfelt creation of music and feet firmly on the ground.  There will be no ‘egos’ to contend with, just exceptional musicianship, songwriting and singing!  The ‘Snakecharmer’ live shows will lift your heart and soul, bring you to tears and at the next moment have you feeling so strong, that at the end of their performance, you will be left breathless.  Each group that these guys started in rocked to the n’th degree, and that is what happens now, and, recently, they have been able to capture all of that in the recording studio!

Frontiers’ Records have recently announced that the debut album of ‘Snakecharmer’ will have worldwide release in early 2013!  February 5th to be exact!  We can look forward to towering vocals, dynamic rhythms, regal interplay between the keyboards and twin guitars, and all anchored by the powerhouse rhythm section of James and Murray!  Hard Rock n’ Blues is about to get two shots in the arm! and 2013 is starting to look incredible!!

Here is their new single, and a sneak peek in to what we are about hear...

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Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

97th Street Pub:    Floyd Vedan Band:  January 18th & 19th   Tad & The Twins:  Jan. 25th & 26th

The Blue Gator:   Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:   January 18th & 19th    Sherman Doucette:  Jan. 25th & 26th

The Minstrel Café:   Andrew and Zachari Smith:   Jan. 17th & 18th     Cod Gone Wild (duo):   Jan. 19th   Michael Wood Band:   Jan. 24th   The Rowdymen:  Jan. 25th   Blue City Trio:  Jan. 26th

The Pheasant & Quail Pub:   Cod Gone Wild:  January 18th    Introducing “Sing-A-Long” Saturdays…January 19th       …And don’t forget the “Talented Kelowna” events at the Pub in January and February!

Notable Concerts:    

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops)  The Tragically Hip:   January 20th   

South Okanagan Events Centre:   Heart:    March 9th 2013

 Penticton:  August 8th 2013    Honeymoon Suite:   

Notes & News:   Black Sabbath announce release date & title of new album: Release-June 2013 and Name-‘13’……the famous British Hard Rock Music Festival ‘Download’ should be the most comprehensive in its history this Summer:  Appearances by “UFO”, “Korn”, “3 Doors Down”, “Airbourne”, plus many more and the Headliners: “Iron Maiden”, “Rammstein”, “Slipknot” will also be accompanied by “Queens Of The Stoneage”, “Alice In Chains” and of course more….the start of th UK and Europe Festival Season: Download at Donington Park in early June!!.....and the Master of Blues himself, Eric Burdon is releasing a brand new album this month:  “Til Your River Runs Dry” will be out January 29th, and certainly a ‘must have’!     

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