Capturing the moment: Colin Krieg

Today we are featuring a hobbyist photographer and videographer Colin Krieg. Most folks know him in town for his real estate work but he recently released a video of Kelowna that is making the rounds on social media and as it turns out its been a passion and skill he's been developing for the past few years.

Gliding Through Fall in Kelowna, BC - Canon 5D Mark III - Glidecam HD-2000 from Colin Krieg on Vimeo.

RD: when did you get into photography and videography?

CK: I first got into photography in 2006 with a point and shoot that had manual controls. I started by shooting images at night as I quickly learnt how important light was and how it can drastically shape and change the look of an image. After that, I fell more and more in love with photography. Videography started after I picked up a Canon 7D in 2010


RD: what has been your favorite community initiative to get involved in?

CK: From a photo/video standpoint, I have always been happy to help others and give back to the community including cancer fundraisers, yoga workshops and just recently a movement called Help Portrait. This was an event that was locally coordinated by Shaun Bos and Jessica Balfour. It is a world wide event in 384 locations across 47 countries. Basically the idea is to take portraits of those less fortunate who cannot afford to have any Christmas Photos taken. This year I took photos of people from the Gospel Mission, Womens Shelter and Metro community. The joy these people received from receiving their photo was unbelievable. It was the best feeling I had all year. What an experience! To learn more, visit http://help-portrait.com/


RD: You recently created a group where folks can get feedback on their creative expressions. Why do you feel that it was important to create a forum where folks can have their work get genuinely constructive feedback?

CK: When I was 12 I started making websites using photoshop for design. There were no local classes that I could take at the time (since I was in middle school), so I was solely left to learn online. Same thing for photography, I didn't take any courses and learnt from looking at others photos and submitting my own to a small group of photographers in Vancouver for feedback. This was the most tremendous help for me as they could point things out I couldn't see at the time. I felt that if it was such a help for me, it could work for others too! So with the help of Chris Roberg, Okanagan Creative Group on Facebook was born. It's a place for people to share photos, videos, music, makeup, paintings or anything else for viewing and for comments and constructive feedback. Here is the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302943256485529/

RD: Are there any shots or shoots that are on your "bucket list"

CK: Having a large passion for cars and having shot quite a few cars, a Ferrari, Zonda or some sort of super car would be very cool to shoot, either photos or videos of. But I am also really excited to do some video on my next trip overseas.

RD: What motivates the videos that you create, or what made you want to create the recent fall video?

CK: Passion. It's something I love to do. I really enjoy creating beautiful images for others to enjoy and it's also a challenge for me. I learned a lot about new software and film techniques while shooting that video. It pushes my boundaries and allows me to grow. I also haven’t seen very many videos online that showcase Kelowna's beauty without some form of advertising in it, so I thought that would be great to do as well.
This summer I'm looking forward to doing something similar but centered around the summer time in Kelowna.


RD: Where do you find your inspiration for your photos?

CK: By now I have learnt to have an eye for photos (and in turn video). I can look at scene and isolate a specific area and see that it will make a great photo. It's just something that I am constantly doing, everywhere I go.
Many times I don't set out to go and take a nice photo (unless it's a planned photoshoot ofcourse).
For instance this photo:

This is a photo I took one evening while boat camping (camping in a location only accessible by boat) across from Peachland. I remember sitting by the water taking the photo while hearing in the back someone asking a friend what I might possibly be taking a photo of, as they could not see what I saw in it. In the end, I think it turned out quite nice.

RD:For the gear heads out there, what kind of camera and equipment do you use?
CK: I'm currently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III for my photos and videos. The beauty of DSLR's today is that they can do both very well.
For lenses I have a Wide Angel Canon 17-40L which is what I primarily shoot with, especially for video.
I also have a 50mm f/1.4, 70-200L F/2.8 IS, 24-70 f/2.8, Glidecam HD-2000 (this is how I achieve the very smooth looking shots), tripod ofcourse, a homemade video dolly, and a mix of flashes, lights and other misc lighting gear.

If you have any questions about my Colin's work, how he shot something or would like to see more, check out www.ColinPhoto.ca or send him an email at [email protected]

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