Time for a makeover: Part 2

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Without an analysis of sales behaviours, fearful business people become reactionary. They look for quick fixes. They hear something at an association meeting and they jump on it. They experience the whiplash effect and they wonder why employees take a wait and see attitude. Short term tactics like trying to determine the exact price point isn’t a strategy for growth.

Everyone has the ability to make a choice. It can be the easy choices that are safe, where the focus is on maintaining the status quo. This do nothing attitude leads to complacency. The hard choices take more guts to find a way to grow and to make changes and be willing to explore and get unstuck. You must do what you can control. Find new clients and new markets. This should take up 60% of your time. The other 40% should be used to ensure that you don’t lose by accident the clients you have.

Even through tough economic times, there are people making buckets of money. However, you don’t always hear about them. Unfortunately, we hear about the losses from the vocal few who aren’t willing to make the choices to grow. Now is not the time to cut back. This is the time to over-service your clients. It’s the time to focus on developing your team for growth. If not, you’ve created a market for your competitors.

Have your sales people reconstruct their cookbooks. Look at the success profiles of your A, B, and C clients. Know who you’re hunting. Things have changed, so you need to create victories in markets you can win. Prospect with a wider net. Finite prospecting may be good in great times, but you may need to cast a wider net now. Brainstorm who could be the clients to fill the success funnel. Write them out on flip chart paper and leave them on the walls in the sales room, check them off when completed, let other people in the company see what you’re doing. Develop a highly visible plan of attack and show the rest of the company that the sales team knows it’s time to do things differently.

Re-frame success. If people are waiting for the economy to snap back to the way it used to be, they’ll be waiting a long time. This is the new reality. This is benchmark day one for the rest of their career. Smart companies in previous recessions figured out that the bus has left the station. The station is never going to catch up to the bus. What has happened is in the past. Teach your people that this is the new reality and rebuild their business models because we have too many people with a wait and see attitude.

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