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Travel for foodies...and I don't mean delicious airline food! Culinary Travel is becoming more and more popular for the modern day foodie. Thanks to a variety of shows on the Food Network as well as cultural influences; the world of Culinary Travel has opened eyes and mouths to the flavours of the world. So when your taste buds are ready and your pallet is primed, where do you go for the best of the best? Here are are just a couple popular places for a food adventure like no other.
1) Marrakesh Morocco

Mysterious, medieval, ancient; Mosques and palaces that rise over narrow, winding streets where workshops, souks (outdoor markets), and gardens stretch across a country that dates back to the year 789. Morocco's cuisine is as exquisite as it's history. Well known for slow roasted lamb, dates and ginger from North Africa; and a delicacy of the Spanish Moors: Pastille, a savoury pastry filled with chicken and dusted with cinnamon.... all dishes common in the kitchens of Morocco. Spice markets are readily available with a variety of scents and flavours to make the most pompous foodie allow their mouth to water in public. Visit one of the local souks where fresh fruits, vegetables, butchered meats, and colourful vats of spices stand next to fabric, brass, art, and rug merchants. Be prepared to be amazed as you immerse yourself in the rich culture.

2) The Big Island, Hawaii USA

Chinese char-siu, sushi with Spam, Portuguese sausages and a traditional Hawaiian Pork and Pineapple Luau's. Korean-style barbecue, Japanese Katsu curry, Filipino rice cakes, tuna poke, and traditional Kalua pig, the Big Island literally has something for everyone's tongue.

Try the Loco Moco, consisting of two scoops of rice topped with a fried hamburger, brown gravy, and a couple of fried eggs. Sip fresh coconut juice straight from the shell as you savor fresh, locally grown mangosteens, lychees, and passion fruits. Locally grown pineapple and the day's catch of seafood.... this island is filled with culinary delights.


3) Mumbai, India

Few countries are as mesmerizing as India, and its cuisine is no exception. Offering an overflow of exotic flavours...... cardamom, curry leaves, turmeric, and mustard seeds; coconut milk, hot chillies, and fragrant rose petals. India's cuisine is a melting pot of flavour and texture. The aromas wafting through India's busy streets and market places will intrigue both your senses of taste and smell. With vegetarian delights and carnivore treats, the variety of flavours is overwhelming for a first time visiting foodie.

Of course these three spots on the globe are not all the world has to offer, but merely a small sampling to get you started. For a Foodie Traveller's dream come true, how about attending the World Food Travel Summit, which will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 21-24, 2013. For more information click here : http://worldfoodtravel.org/world-summit-2013/ and see your Travel Agent to make the travel arrangements !

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