Wolf Kill

Dear Mr. Albas,

I recently read an article on Castanet regarding the Okanagan wolf hunt.  I have a few questions you may be able to help answer.  I understand the need to deal with issues regarding wildlife when they pose a threat to humans or are becoming a nuisance in populated areas such as towns or cities.  However no where in this article (and I know you didn't write it) does it state the reasoning behind this wolf hunt.  There is no reference to the wolves being an issue with humans or any other animal.  Even if such an issue arose with another animal, is that not survival of the fittest?  Nature being nature - food chain and so on.

I write this to you because you are a local representative of our government.  This order to hunt is from the government (Minister of Environment).

When did it become a right of humans to decide how many of a certain species is too many or what is an acceptable number to be allowed to live.  How many is too many?  And who are we to decide that?  Historically, the more humans get involved in determining what nature can and can't be, the more problems we create for both nature, and ourselves.  Could you imagine if say the deer population in the Okanagan had the ability to decide there are too many humans (the number of which has increased at a much larger rate than wolves)?

So here I write to you to ask who was ordained with the power to decide what nature should and shouldn't be?  The attraction for many to the beautiful province of BC is it's wild, unaffected by humans, natural state.

If you feel this letter would be better sent to someone else, I understand, but ask you to advise me who to best direct it to.  I am not an environmentalist, nor an activist, nor am I one to ever write into any politician or member of the government at any point in the past.  Who I am is a 28 year old construction worker that was disgusted to read the article regarding these wolves that simply wants to know why.  I believe as a tax paying citizen I have the right to know the reasons behind the decisions my elected government makes, and so far as I can find there are no good reasons for this.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.  I look very forward to your response.

Dylan Gannon

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