Drunk Driving

We are number 1

Drinking drivers that is.

So if you have more road blocks per capita than other cities, issue more warnings than other cities, and collect more fines than other cities, you will stack the stats to reflect more impaired drivers.

You will also cause more people to lose their jobs, have to hire lawyers, pay storage and towing fees and pay for driver monitor devices.

Some will say , well lets get out there and catch more drivers if our record is so bad. That will only make the record worse.
A lot of these stats are what the law uses to increase and justify budgets.
If you want to get more public money, and you sell policing, you want the public to think that it is terrible out there.

Leniency or a no charge on .05 would lower the stats. The law allows a drinker but not a drunk to drive. The story should read that Kelowna catches more drivers and charges more drivers than elsewhere. Its not like we have more bars or liquor stores. We are a resort destination, so maybe that accounts for something. Maybe the sporadic transit system, or the higher than average taxi cost is a factor. Or maybe we are still in the dark ages about our right to drive after a beer or two.

Maybe an older affluent populace that can afford a wine or two, and live in the hills where buses don’t go is a factor.
Maybe a lot of people move here from towns and provinces that don’t pursue the drivers as diligently.

Might be worth trying to find out the reason we have this record, then we can do something about it.
Education changes behaviour, punishment only delays behaviour.

I am dead against drinking driving. Road blocks catch drunks , but they don’t stop drinking and driving.
Don’t count on MADD or the police to drive education on the issue. They get their funding by exposing the crime, not preventing it.

MADD brings in 49 million a year in funding, but they spend 25 million on staff salaries. Doesn’t leave much for education or prevention.

Hopefully this knowledge of our record here will prompt some discourse and dialogue on better prevention and interception of potential drunk drivers before they get into their car, not after.

Steve Butler

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