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2013: Passionate change

The New Year is a time where possibilities are endless and positive intentions are made for a fresh start. Looking beyond the expanding waist lines, gym memberships, cleaning lists and Nicorette, I truly believe that there is an energy of manifestation in the New Year. The energy is one that can create internal motivation to create the life you want.

Many would challenge that in my industry all we do is craft a look on the outside often using the change as a way to influence internal change. The longer I get to work with people and understand their reason for change, the more I understand how the external looks are part of an internal transformation.

On New Years Eve, I had the pleasure of benefiting a man with his desire to create change in his life outside of what his family and culture believed he should do. At first glance, I went into the appointment thinking of it as another dramatic haircut as this young guy had never had his hair cut in 24 years.

Coming from a Sikh background he explained that he is expected to maintain both the length of hair on his head and the beard that reached far down on to his chest. When we began the consultation I had a deeper respect and understanding of the personal battle he had been playing inside his head. This decision is one that he and his brother made together despite hesitation of his family and culture.

As I braided his long, black hair and prepared to save it for wigs that cancer patients will use, I inquired more into why he wanted the change. I was expecting a dramatic rebellion against old beliefs, parental expectations or even something involving a relationship (which are generalized reasons I hear for change) but it wasn’t dramatic at all. He wanted to simplify his life. Working as a healthcare professional, playing sports and enjoying the gym played a part in modernizing his total look.

With every snip that I took in harvesting his well-preserved locks I felt his un-nerved winces. Within the uncomfortable moments I noticed his energy get bigger and even though is confidence was not yet at ease I could tell his inner transformation had begun.

After all was said and done, I proclaimed how it was such a perfect time for him to choose to create such drastic change in his life. He responded to me that New Years actually had nothing to do with his decision, and that he set his intention to have it done before returning to work after the holiday season.

That was the true champagne moment for me. It demonstrated that outside of the usual resolutions that we make during this dreary time of year, it’s the internal passion for change in our lives that produce the most influence.

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