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The power of responsibility

Welcome to a new week and a very new day. Today I would like to draw your attention to the power in taking responsibility for the creation of your dreams and desires. The truth is we are always creating and what we create in our lives, whether it be ideal or not, is ultimately our responsibility. The gift in this is that we have the power to change what needs to be changed in order to re-create our ideal year.

The best way to do this is look at your life as it is now. What is working and what isn’t? In reviewing the areas that are not reflecting your desires consider what may be holding you back. Is it fears or perhaps beliefs you have adopted by society, family or friends that do not hold true to your innate magnificence and ability to really have what you desire? Sometimes it is also feeling the need to have control of the outcomes.

All of these can hinder our progress immensely. It is imperative that we learn to become fearless in the pursuit of our dreams, to believe wholeheartedly that we do deserve them and to let go of the reigns and allow the higher forces to co-create even better outcomes then we could possibly imagine. Expect the best and allow for even better.

By taking full responsibility for this we free ourselves to be, do and think differently. We empower ourselves to create our life the way we desire. Unfortunately, no one else can or will likely want to do this for us.

An exercise that can help us feel better about ourselves and our lives is to make a list from our time of birth until now of all of the beautiful things you have created in your life so far. Consciously celebrate all of your accomplishments to date. This will help you to create a feeling of excitement and passion to create your ideal year.

Another list that really helps is what one my teachers fondly calls ‘digging for gold’. With this list simply ask yourself, “if I was not afraid this is what I would like to be do and have” and write out one hundred things that come to mind.

This list may seem difficult at first but as you start to list your desires, more will come. Stay with the list until all one hundred have been listed. And then start with the easier things on your list as this will build your confidence and help you to realize how fearless you really are.

I would love to hear how these are working for you and I invite you to email me and share your experiences.

My challenge to you: Just for today.....make your lists and celebrate your magnificence and power to create the year of your dreams. Celebrate yourself along the way and know that the process need not be one of struggle but rather one of ease, magic and grace.

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