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Last Week…we looked at some of the Talent from the Kelowna area that moved me musically, this week we will look at some of the movers and shakers on the International level:

 “Celebration Day” the document of Led Zepplin’s one-off reunion concert back in 2007 has to be a 2012 highlight.  A group as powerful as this was certain to spark speculation that a full-blown reunion tour was in the offing, however, that didn’t happen.  We still have this fantastic concert though, and what a performance it was!  Especially seeing Jason Bonham perform his Father’s music.  A lot of emotion was seen throughout the footage, and the whole group played each and every number with passion.  Certainly Led Zepplin lives on and with ‘Celebration Day’, will live on forever!

Another veteran group from the Northwest coast of the U.S., ‘Heart’ actually broke new ground in 2012.  The group’s latest, “Fanatic” contains some of the Wilson sister’s best work.  Let’s hope they will keep pounding those stages throughout 2013!  The same can be said about Aerosmith.  “Music From Another Dimension” is their first album of new material in some years, and strip away all the fanfare, and you have a classic Aerosmith album.  These guys are rocking on all twelve cylinders!  Aerosmith are back, and in a big way!

The health of Rock grew stronger in 2012, and the European music scene was the engine.  The Talent that is coming out of Europe and the UK is exceptional!  Newer Artists and Groups are relishing in the classic sounds first heard in the ‘70’s. 

Groups such as ‘The Answer’, ‘The Darkness’, ‘Glyder’, and ‘Lynch Mob’, ‘Jorn’, and ‘Eclipse’ are just a few.  These groups are flying the ROCK banner high and heavy, ensuring that we hear new musical expressions from new plateaus well in to 2013 and beyond.  Rock Radio is very healthy in Europe and Asia, but not so much here in North America.  However, the live scene in our country and in the States is very healthy.  The veterans are constantly touring and bringing in substantial numbers.  Festivals in North America, as is in Europe are contributing to the health of the Rock Scene. 

Festivals such as the annual M3 Rock Festival are giving groups the chance to perform their staples and new material.  Groups such as ‘Warrant’, ‘Great White’, ‘Lynch Mob’, and others like ‘The Doobie Brothers’, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Journey’, ‘Styx’ and the like are increasing their public performances, and labels like Frontiers, Escape Music, are supporting these Artists…releasing their new material.  This will continue in 2013, and we will be the better for it…hearing these great groups, and discovering new and young groups pushing the Rock style to ever higher  limits…plus new configurations like ‘Snakecharmer’,  and collaborations from members of groups like ‘Cream’, ‘The Black Crowes’ and others.  This new year promises to be a very interesting one, with all this activity!  Ensuring us that we can expect healthier doses of Rock, even on a monthly basis!

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

97th Street Pub:    Zamboni Brothers:  January 4th & 5th (2013)    Radio LifeLine:  January 11th & 12th    Floyd Vedan Band:  January 18th & 19th

The Blue Gator:   The Young’uns:   January 4th & 5th    Pappa Dawg:   January 11th & 12th   Zamboni  Brothers:   January 17th  

Notable Concerts:    

Interior Savings Centre (Kamloops)  Nelly Furtado:  January 11th

The Tragically Hip:   January 20th   

South Okanagan Events Centre:   Heart:    March 9th 2013

…if you have a musical story or news and would like me to write something… drop me a line at:  [email protected]  and let’s celebrate Kelowna’s rich and varied music community together!!.....

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