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Chimney fire in Peachland

firePeachland firefighters were called to a chimney fire at this log home on the 5800 block of Victoria St. Thursday morning.

Fire crews gained control of the situation shortly after 10 a.m., the home suffered only minimal smoke damage.

If you suspect a chimney fire, you are advised to:

  1. Call the fire department.

  2. Evacuate everyone from the house.

  3. Close the damper or the air inlet controls to the fireplace or stove. This will limit air supply and reduce the fire's intensity.

  4. Grab your fire extinguisher. Open the door to the fireplace or stove just enough so you can insert the extinguisher's nozzle. Shoot the contents of the entire canister inside and shut the door. Don't use water. It could make things worse by causing more steam and gas to enter the chimney, which could crack or warp it.

  5. If possible, use a garden hose to wet the roof, shrubs and any combustible material around the chimney.  Do not spray water on the chimney itself, as this could cause cracks that will weaken the entire structure.

A quick way to snuff out a chimney fire is to use a chimney-fire suppressor. Available under several brand names, these flare-type devices fill the chimney with a mixture of gases that rise up and cut off the oxygen supply to the fire.

Don't go inside your home until the fire department tells you it's safe to do so.

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