Time to make a move

Does the thought of changing your neighbourhood go through your mind more often than not? Here are some key indicators on when you really should consider making that move.

1. You Have Outgrown Your Neighbourhood

Your uber-trendy, urban borough seemed just the thing five years ago. But suddenly, you’re annoyed by the loud music spilling out of bars, clubs, and your neighbour’s stereo. It is time to face the facts: you are growing up, but your neighbourhood is not. Instead of wasting time judging your neighbours, consider a quieter or more sophisticated locale.

2. You Constantly Scan the Classified Ads

You’ve never been in a good position to sell your home, but have often dreamed of moving. A larger home. A smaller home. A country home. A city home. Lately, you find yourself scanning the classifieds, picking up home magazines, and even writing down phone numbers and website addresses. Speak with a professional and determine where you stand. It’s probably time to make your dream home a priority.

3. You Are Starting a Family

Selling a home and moving is a big job, and starting a family an even bigger one. You don’t want to be stuck doing both at the same time. If you are seriously thinking about having a child, it is also time to start thinking seriously about buying a family friendly home. There’s nothing worse than packing and moving while pregnant, or worse, with a toddler underfoot.

4. Your Family Has Grown

Are your kids sharing a bedroom? Is your yard too small for a swing set? Do you often think wistfully of backward barbeques by the pool? Then the time has to come to consider buying a home that will grow with your family. If you live in a city, it may be necessary to consider moving to the outskirts, where property is less costly.

5. You Have Made a Job Change

You’ve changed jobs and the commute is killing you. Although you’re happy with your home, you’re not happy with the extra hour you must travel to work each day. The reality is that the stress of a daily commute can subtract years from your life. If you want to have more time to spend patting yourself on the back for corporate successes, move closer to the office.

6. Home Renovation is Not Enough

You are constantly working on a home improvement project, but are never satisfied. Perhaps you are simply a home-Reno junkie. Or perhaps, this endless fussing and fixing is a sign that your home just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

7. Your Neighbourhood Is Going Downhill

Crime is on the rise, you feel nervous when the children are at school, and barely feel comfortable walking to the corner store. Do not waste time waiting for the situation to improve. Sell before your property value goes down in tandem with the quality of your neighbourhood.

If you need some help with your move, we are always here ready to do pre-approvals or to give you the name of a real estate professional that can assist you along the way.

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