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Don't expect a free ride this NYE

With new years being the most popular night for drinking I can’t believe that our local governments would put money ahead of the safety of so many of our citizens. How much money do they really make in one day?

I can’t see it being that much. Especially if you consider how much it could cost the community if just one person is injured by a drunk driver. The cost of medical care and physio, the loss of work for the injured individual and family members, the cost to ICBC, possible property damage. These are just a few ways drinking and driving can financially affect the community. 

Maybe the availability of a free ride home doesn’t get all the drunks off the road, but if it even prevents one person from getting behind the wheel it is worth every penny that it costs us.

Kelowna, Lake Country and West Kelowna governments give your heads a shake and for a change do something that has the potential to benefit the community as a whole.

Every time a drunk gets behind the wheel we all need to worry who will be hurt next. It could be your family member, your friend, your boss, your landlord, the surgeon that could save your life next year. Next year think about all the people that are important to you then ask yourself is one night of free bus ride home for everyone too much to ask?

Lets hope learning this lesson doesn’t cost us too much this year.

Mandy Petrie

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