Cell phones and Driving

On Wednesday (Dec. 19) I was crossing Enterprise at Hardy around 2 p.m.  A woman driving an SUV while talking on her cell was turning right onto Enterprise and failed to notice that I (the pedestrian) had the right of way to cross when the signal came on. She almost ran me over.  I had my hand up trying to get her to notice me, but to no prevail/she was looking to the left side and talking on a cell phone and if I did not stop and let her go ahead, she would have run me over. 

The car behind her was also not going to let me cross the road either,  I made eye contact to him and put up my hand, he would have also done the same as the woman.

What did we do before the invention of car phones way back in the 80s?  I ride the bus to and from work and I can see inside the cars and trucks and a lot more people are texting and talking on phones than you can belive. 

I would like it to be illegal the same as drinking and driving is, with licenses taken away and charges laid to the abusers.  

People are not going to stop unless there are stricter punishments.  Although drinkers abuse the laws, there will probably be cell phone abusers too.  But a lot of accidents can be avoided if we get rid of cell phones from cars.

Debra Chaykowski

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