What are the cops doing?

In Reply To Danielle's  Tailgate Party Horror:

Daniell's not the only one whose fed up with our cops lack of attention to 911 calls.  We recently had to call 911 regarding probably the same group, only this time they moved the party to a private house. When a lone cop did finally show up he was so blind he couldn't see a 14-year-old drunk running around foul mouthing him or a couple of others smoking weed.

We live next door so when I stopped the cop on his way out and question him about his lack of doing anything all I got is the bums rush about how it was a private residence and he couldn't really do anything other then issue a noise warning to the home owner.

No wonder these punks feel they can get away with what ever when its to much trouble for cops to respond to a complaint promptly or when they do show up a 14-year-old drunk foul mouths them and nothing is done.

People wonder why we as society are loosing our respect for the current men in blue.

Jim Sutherland

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