Glenrosa road wary

Our family lives in Glenrosa. We were at first amused, then annoyed, and now concerned.

As I read Mr. DeCosta's letter I wanted to add a few points. The main road (webber) was NOT plowed for several days, and it did not receive any sanding. This route is a bus and school route so it ranks up near the top of the list for roads to plow.

I visited my parents in Lakeview heights and they had a wonderfully plowed and sanded road. They also got another sand truck while we were visiting. I took the back route through the reserve on my way home. The streets were wonderful. Cleared to the edges and almost dry.

We would love our side road to be plowed, in previous years it has been.  This week we were headed out of town. What a joy that our street had a plow truck. They left a large embankment of icy-snow on our driveway, with our car we are not able to hump over it. This perhaps could be avoided  by more regular (and earlier) plowing. 

Unfortunately the plow truck left our street and crossed over Webber Rd. It left a two foot embankment across Webber Rd. of icy chunks and snow. You could not go over with a car (maybe with a large truck) and this blocked the entire right hand lane. I noticed this same technique near the mailbox, I'm not sure how the people who live in the houses on this street were able to exit it.

The plow truck has also taken to cutting the corner of our street. Our road is not that tiny and the snow has not been removed properly, narrowing it to a point that two cars cannot pass each other. Glenrosa does not have sidewalks in the upper area.

In previous years we have had less shoulder area to walk on (we have dogs), this year we are walking in the middle of the lane. The few plows the main road has received has left it a bit more narrow each time.

We are thankful that there is a company to maintain the streets. We were told that they received the contract with a smaller bid, and this may translate into a smaller budget. We know they have smaller trucks. Webber hill has already claimed a few cars and winter has just begun.

We would like to thank them for their efforts, and to ask that they take the concerns of those of us in Glenrosa seriously.

Tanya Normandale

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