Drop the trap

I just read the article about Sophie the dog surviving the connibear trap near Oyama. 

It is a big relief to hear that Sophie survived this horrible ordeal although this incident once again illustrates the dangers of walking through crown land for pets and also for humans.  I find it appalling that the practice of trapping is allowed this close to civlization and in my opinion, that this inhumane practice is still allowed at all. 

The way Sophie’s owner described what happened after she was caught in this trap shows how an animal can suffer when caught in these archaic traps.  It is terrible that this can happen to a cherished pet and also to wild animals caught up in them.  I know that trappers and trapping association will insist that traps (connibear, leg-hold, snare) are humane even though this has been proven otherwise. 

These cruel traps should not be used in areas where people walk with their dogs or anywhere for that matter.

Tim Bayliss
Kelowna BC

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