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Calling all artists

Article by: Kyle Voldeng

Art is among the most precious things that as a species we can leave behind. From the earliest paintings at Cueva de El Castillo in Northern Spain, dating forty thousand years ago, to the renowned twentieth century works of Pablo Picasso, the ARTIST is also certainly among the oldest professions in human history.

Paintings, sculptures, scripts, media and compositions reflect ourselves as we are now, just as they reflected generations of people and communities that came before us.

The inspiration for these works originated from the experience and lives of their creators, each work of art reliant on the people met, the places visited, the sights, sounds and smells sensed, all essential to the artist's creative process.
It is inevitable as a resident of our greater community that you too have been exposed to these surroundings and shared similar experiences.

Art helps put into perspective our own lives, lives which may be preoccupied with our own families, careers and balance books, lives that may be too stressing and bear too many responsibilities which leave little time to indulge in other things.
Yet, who are we, not necessarily as an individual or family but as a community?

What will remind others of who we were and what we thought, felt, cherished, feared and hated?
It will be what the artists create and leave behind.

To recognize and celebrate ART in all its forms from canvas, pedestal and screen to stage is an obligation we all should share towards our own local artists.  
That is why the OKANAGAN ARTS AWARDS exist.

The Okanagan Arts Awards were established to encourage and foster new, local talent and to reward outstanding artists and offer them greater public recognition and exposure for their artistic achievements.
Now, celebrating its sixth year, the Okanagan Arts Awards seek to continue this tradition and pay tribute and celebrate our most accomplished artists and expose new talent to the public.

The Okanagan/Thompson has its own host of established and promising artists creating and show-casing the beauty of our landscapes and the unique nature of our own local culture.

In the coming days, the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan is seeking nominations for the Arts Awards from the Okanagan/Thompson artists and their supporters until the cut-off date of January 11, 2013. 

The Arts Awards will be presented on March 2, 2013.

For those interested in having their own work nominated, or for others wishing to nominate an artist of their choice, simply visit the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan website (www.artsco.ca)  or click here.
There are eleven award categories, from music to design or arts education to supporters of the arts; the complete list of possible categories is on line.

For those of you interested in supporting local culture and talent, please consider nominating a worthy artist you know or attend the Awards Ceremonies themselves.  

The best way to support the ARTS is to be conscious of them.

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