Canada for sale

Why is there a problem with China & Malaysia buying resources companies, Shell Canada or better known Royal Dutch Shell is from Holland, SUNCOR, yes we have heard of them as Sunoco, also bought our PETRO-CAN from us, they are a USA Company.

Total Petroleum is French or from France, Esso or Imperial Oil is USA owned. And yes BP that is the short version for British Petroleum you remember the gulf oil spill.

We could carry on for an hour talking about foreign companies working in Canada that own significant interests here in Canada, to me it is OK because most Canadian companies build up & sell to the highest bidder. Take there cash after tax & startup again & again.

There are Just a small handful of sizeable group that are Canadian,for the remainder, everything is for sale at the right price. No matter where you come from.  

Dale Whittaker

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