Tailgate party horror

I am writing you to hopefully shed light on a situation that has been going on for some time now, that came to a very disturbing head a few weeks ago.

I live in a townhouse complex in the Rutland area next door to Rutland Senior Secondary. For the past few months or so, there has been a certain few kids who come to the parking lot in their vehicles, drink, play loud music and speed around the parking lot burning out. We were used to this in the winter months, when the snow hits, but it seems to be happening more and more. Not only on weekends, also on weeknights.

Myself, and my neighbors have called the police multiple times making complaints, having been told that they would be monitoring it more often, which unfortunately never happened. So after months of complaints, my 9 month old being woken at all hours of the night, even when we have work and college to attend, I decided nothing was being done about it so I would stop complaining to deaf ears.

Then a few weeks ago I was woken up by screaming. My boyfriend and I ran to our window to see a man being beaten by about 15 people, hit with a crowbar, urinated on, and immediately called the police. While on the phone with the police, they beating had eventually stopped and the man lay unconscious on the ground covered in urine and blood.

I kept telling the dispatcher that he was not moving, I wasn’t sure if he was breathing, I didn’t know what to do. I was told to stay in the house. After describing the vehicles, and being kept on the phone for over 20 minutes and STILL no police, the man finally got up, and stumbled off into the field with the kids throwing bottles at him.

So approximately 40 minutes after our phone call was made, 1 police car showed up, with 1 officer coming out to talk to them. He spoke with the people in the parking lot for approximately 10 minutes, all the while their vehicles still on, music still playing, us still watching from  our window. Then he left.

No taking away keys, no safe rides home, no breathalyzer, nothing. The kids proceeded to party in the parking lot for about another hour and eventually left by 2 a.m.

We live a 5 minute walk from the police station. Still to this day, every day, without fail, those same vehicles are in the parking lot, drinking, driving around doing burnouts, and playing their music.

I do not know what else to do anymore. Not only could this man have easily been dead, but they could have killed more people on their drive home that night, and most nights they are in that parking lot. I find it disturbing, saddening and pretty disgusting that when the police are called and told repeatedly that there may be someone dead, that no one could have come to help.

Unless something is done about this, and the parking lot is patrolled once in awhile, I have no doubt that we will be hearing of something like this, or someone getting hit by a drunk driver from this area, in the near future.

Danielle Pineau

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