Horoscope: January 6 - 12

Plan precise actions and launch them in order for best effect; on a small or large scale. More than one scenario is being played out with each side trying to have the edge; some results seem fated. Look for the hidden meaning behind how things are worded; there is a double message. Stay focused on a positive path or resolution. Calm, mature individuals step forward. There is strong resistance to authority; as efforts are heightened for change. There will be a reality check for some as promises are not fulfilled. The new moon Friday can bring a new or renewed deal. Negotiate.

  • Aries - Rely on your track record to firm up your position or reputation. Make data available.
  • Taurus - You are in a conclusion phase. Let go of what you must and place focus elsewhere.
  • Gemini - Your base of operations may shift as circumstances call for use of a different format.
  • Cancer - Evaluate relationships intensely. You want a certain match so don't settle for less.
  • Leo - You can advance your career or business goals, but not alone. Others want to participate.
  • Virgo - You seek to break out of restrictions. The way you handle it makes it easier for you now.
  • Libra - Plan home or location changes for yourself or others. Some consider crossing borders.
  • Scorpio - Your magnetic personality attracts attention from all levels. Change course of events.
  • Sagittarius - New or renewed sources of income give you a boost. Organize what you spend.
  • Capricorn - Others find you attractive and give you extra attention. Your energy is changing.
  • Aquarius - Your inner transformation has an effect on relationships or associates. Stand tall.
  • Pisces - Others see you as someone who can make things happen. Show them you can do it.

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