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The open-hand lifestyle

Giving and receiving seem easy enough to do, right? But, have you ever had trouble receiving a blessing from others like a compliment or generous gift? Do you sometimes allow your schedule to become so hectic that you neglect to give time and resources to those less fortunate than you? What about when your life is not progressing as planned, do you trust in the process? In all these areas, what I want to propose is a life of living in the present, where we consciously meditate on living a life free of fear and full of trust. Let me give you a visual to clarify this proposed way of life. I’ll call it the “open-hand lifestyle.”

First, saying “yes” to the blessings that are bestowed upon you means that you are willing to accept love. Sounds easy, right? Not always and not for everyone. How do you respond to someone when they give you a genuine compliment, or offer you a thoughtful gift? Do you graciously accept their love and thank them in return, or do you fight them on it, insisting that your hair couldn’t possibly look that good or that they really shouldn’t have given you that present? Don’t be afraid to accept blessings from others. Keep that hand open to those fulfilling opportunities that come your way, and believe that you deserve to receive love from others.

Second, someone who lives with their hand open trusts the blessings they currently have. They know that the blessings are not theirs to begin with. Rather, they originate from a powerful and loving Source that knows what is best for them better than they do. Therefore, this person does not live with a fearful clenched fist, fearfully attempting to gain control, but rather, an open hand that is trusting when desires and dreams may not work out as hoped or expected. They trust that there is something better planned and they keeps their hands open, their heart open, and wait for an even better opportunity or outcome.

Finally, a person who lives an open-hand lifestyle has a heart of sharing and giving. Instead of clenching their possessions, talents, time and resources for themselves, they extends a generous hand to others. This giving can come in the form of charitable donations, devoted support of those less fortunate and many other selfless acts of kindness. Ironically, those who give are those who receive the most in return.

The heart of a person who has an open hand is one that radiates peace, joy and confidence. I know that you can achieve this perspective, and that you will gain much from this type of lifestyle. Even better, those around you will benefit greatly as well. Once you are filled up with love and trust, you’ll be overflowing and pour out upon those who need the same in their hearts as well.

My challenge to you: Just for one day ….open your hands and heart to giving and receiving.

Merry Christmas!

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