Horoscope: December 23 - 29

Stable cooperation will help to pave the way in agreements or with those seeking peace. Strike a balance with how much each is willing to give. Remove "hot heads" from the issue for ultimate success as emotions are unstable. Shake hands across the table with respect for traditions. Match supply with demand in other areas. Be prepared for the unexpected from those who don't like the way things are. Responsible individuals gain stature or power with their actions. The full moon is Friday. Persistent discipline calms unstable situations. Relationships blossom in social settings.

  • Aries - What you say or do now affects your status or reputation. Keep part of it confidential.
  • Taurus - Don't let others unexpected behavior throw you. Proceed on a steady course or path.
  • Gemini - Use confidential information as leverage to turn the tide your way in personal or career.
  • Cancer - The full moon in your sign heightens your emotions and this affects relationships now.
  • Leo - Be patient with health or work issues - yours or other's. There are unexpected changes.
  • Virgo - Avoid taking risks on other's words. They don't seem to have all the facts required for it.
  • Libra - Unexpected events connected to home or property will turn out okay if everyone is calm.
  • Scorpio - Your words or actions make others feel better or more secure. Take on responsibility.
  • Sagittarius - Behind-the-scenes deals help to secure your position personally or financially.
  • Capricorn - Adapt with changing circumstances. Others want you in certain places or situations.
  • Aquarius - Consult with those in positions of authority. Input from them needs consideration.
  • Pisces - Go over past plans or regulations to see what changes would bring improvements.

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