Downtown redevelopment

I thought the redevelopment of the Downtown corridor on Bernard was to be this exciting new upgrade ?
I've been down there a couple of times and i am appalled at the regressive approach to this .

Do you really expect people to maintain business and want people to come on down,when you have taken away
the accessible parking,narrowed the street and put some kind of futuristic lighting up?

What was wrong with the older style street lights and just upgrading the sidewalks,without taking away the
nice brickwork that was laid down. Very large waste of taxpayers money. No wonder City of Kelowna just broke
the 103 million mark.

Upgrading the existing brickwork,building colours and facades would of maintained a better look and would have
been more desirable to promote and show off the business sector and shoppers 'Will come if you build it.'
The design does fit in with the historical look of the older buildings.

Have any of the people making the decisions ever been to Nelson BC,Now thats a town to be proud of !
I was born here and been a resident for 43 years and my family has been here since the mid 1930s.

Not only am i disgusted, but the city planners should hang their heads in shame! Then they wont have to look at it
on their way to City Hall.

Walter Viita Kelowna B.C.

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