Is 2013 your year for success?

With the mad rush of Christmas parties, unhealthy food choices, reduced time for self and much holiday cheer, the countdown is on for New Year's to arrive! January 1, 2013, the day the resolutions for many begin! Eating healthier…exercising more… quitting smoking and many more desired goals that this year will either change someone’s life or yet again be just another challenging and unsuccessful attempt!

According to Stats Link Canada, out of the 52% of Canadians who made resolutions for 2012, only 19 per cent kept theirs for the entire year. Over half of the resolution makers gave in after a month. With such high statistics of resolutioners throwing the towel in so early on, I question why?! Is it lack of support from family and friends? Lack of desire? Or simply, a lack of understanding of how to go about making such a large and positive change?

For those that are nervous about the task at hand, the challenge of trying to make a life change is not to be taken lightly! No matter what your resolution is, take these few simple steps to ensure you are a part of the 19% that are celebrating one year of success.

  • Set a plan of action for the next 12 months - a step by step guide of how you are going to incorporate this change into your routine.
  • Find multiple support partners - have someone or the whole family at home, at work, and socialising friends…. Team up for success.
  • Set a guideline of rewards - plan these rewards by writing out in your ‘success’ book’ how you expect to treat yourself to a well deserved gift for all your accomplishments.

First month – weekly rewards

Second month – bi-weekly rewards

Next 10 months – monthly rewards

  • Write in your ‘success book’ daily to record your every little milestone, everything that just flat out sucked, challenged you and every feeling you have that day… that moment! Keeping a daily journal is going to be one of your biggest saviours, motivators and therapy treatments! Not to mention the greatest read a year later!

Embrace, enjoy your every baby step and milestone in this process and remember you can do this! If your goal is to get into shape and live a healthy fit and happy life and you are feeling unsure of how to incorporate fitness into your life, register for my latest fitness and health seminar! Arm yourself with the knowledge, confidence and education you deserve to make these positive changes for good! Check out my flyer for registration details.

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