Vintage glam for the holidays

Do you struggle with how to put together that authentic vintage look? You love it in pictures, but you feel like it might not look quite right? Read on!

The femininity of apparel from the 1940’s and 1960’s has stolen our fashionista hearts. Sillouettes like the long and lean, the hourglass and the wasp-waist dresses separates the guys from the dolls. The 1960’s brought dramatic fashion changes that mirrored social shifts. Current fashions are derived from these era’s, and you can create this look for yourself with authentic vintage garments!

The key to making these fashions perform for you are the appropriate makeup and hairstyles, the right accessories, and lots of chutzpah! Don’t be afraid to mix old with new. Flat, glittery shoes or modern jewellery could be the right mix to update the look for today.

For a glam look going out on the town, think long, luscious eyelashes! The forties look is all about red lipstick, a creamy complexion, rouged cheeks, smoky eyes, and pencilled, pronounced eyebrows. Forty's hair was big soft waves, very sexy, feminine, a controlled yet “loose” look. Long and shoulder length hair was in, as well as some shorter looks, always wavy and confident. For evening wear, the dress was prom-like, lacy and dramatic, with a tight bodice, sleeveless, a natural waist and floor length. Also in style was the long and lean dress, often cut on the bias, creating an elegant flow and hugging the body.

Think: Lana Turner

The 50’s style tightened up, more curls, shorter styles. The “victory rolll” became popular, as it is today for the vintage fashionista! The red lipstick was still the ticket, but pink was gaining popularity for the lips. Pronounced, pencilled eyebrows made the 1950s’ look dramatic for evening! Floor length, uber elegant dresses were the choices of the best dressed, with perfectly coifed hairstyles and classic, rhinestone jewelry.

Think Ava Gardner

The 1960’s, hair lengthened for some, but the statement was the cute and boyish pixie cut! Dresses became more casual and much, much shorter. Eyes were still very big, but the lipstick became more subtle, the styles softer. There was a fashion revolution, whereby clothing started to become less gender specific. No more waspy waist, colourful shifts burst on the fashion scene! None the less, a new kind of feminine classic styling was evolving!

Think Natalie Wood and Twiggy

Vintage looks are fabulous, eco friendly and fashion forward! See the girls at Georgie Girl – they can help you put together YOUR individual vintage and retro look!

Angie Bricker is a Kelowna native with over 16 years of experience in her passion, bricks and mortar retail. She admits to pouring over Vogue magazines as young as 3-years-old, and her love of vintage fashion was ignited by spending the 1980's in Vancouver haunting the vintage and thrift boutiques. Angie is delighted to be the owner of her newest retail venture, Georgie Girl Vintage, and would love to share her enthusiasm for vintage design with Okanagan Fashion Lovers!

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