Drivers need lessons for Christmas

Not-So-Merry Christmas Drivers

On a short trip to Orchard Park Shopping Centre yesterday to pick up my son, I was:

(1) Honked at for allowing a car to exit the mall parking lot in front of me. I apologize to the honking driver behind me for stealing those few extra seconds that you desperately needed so you could sit at the red light on front of us.

(2) Honked at for stopping for a pedestrian who had stepped off the sidewalk (without looking) in front of my car. I apologize to the honking driver behind me for not running the lady over and forcing you to stop.

(3) Flipped the bird for stopping at a red light and not blocking the crosswalk.  I apologize to the driver behind me for making you drive up onto the sidewalk so you could make your right turn into the parking lot.

For some, Christmas brings out the worst in them and driving gives them the opportunity to share this with others. During this holiday season, please remember two things. The first is that manners are free, please get some and take them with you each time you leave home. The second is that while there are a million stars in the galaxy all revolving around one point, that point is....NOT YOU!

Elizabeth Blake

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