Paparazzi and Kate

Dear Editor; I'd like to discuss with the media my concern about Kate Middleton, I believe she is going to end up like Dianna some day, for the simple reason that the media and the Paparazzi can not leave her alone.

What is the big deal of her getting pregnant? No one seemed to make a big issue when I knocked my wife up, another thing,  why does she have to use her maiden name? doesn't Prince William have a last name? or maybe his last name is, "Charming"  Yah, I think it must be Prince Charming and wife Kate Charming.

I wonder how many more people will die before the media and the Paparazzi  will leave her alone. or, before she ends up like Dianna. "dead".some day.  this is my opinion.

Howard Sali Kelowna.

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