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Christmas is a magical time, especially for young children.  It is a time for joy, memories that last a lifetime. Sadly, not every child shares in the spirit of the season.

Darla turned six this week.  Her mom, Monica is in her second year at Okanagan College.  In between class, studying and caring for Darla, Monica works part-time.   It’s tough, but she manages to make ends meet.  There’s not much room in the budget for extras like Christmas but Monica always brings home a little tree, a few small gifts and a ham to serve for dinner. 

Major car repairs last fall put everything in jeopardy.   Monica depends on her car for school and work.  She juggled the budget but the bills began to pile up.   She paid the rent with her overdraft but there was nothing left.  There was little food in the cupboards.  Christmas would have to be cancelled.  Monica considered leaving school until her professor suggested she call the Kelowna Food Bank.

Monica was very grateful for the support she received last December.    In addition to her Christmas hamper with all the Christmas dinner trimmings, she received a Kids Snack Pack filled with ready-to eat nutritious snacks for Darla to take to school.   A visit to the Food Bank’s Christmas store ensured there would be gifts to open on Christmas morning.

 Thanks to your generosity, Monica and Darla celebrated the spirit of Christmas.  

Unfortunately, there are many similar stories -please give and extend the joy to everyone.

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