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Cocos Islands

Half way between Australia and Sri Lanka, in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, rest the Cocos Islands; a collection 27 islets split into two flat, low-lying coral atolls. Also known as the Cocos Keeling Islands, the Cocos are divided into 2 main sections.... North Keeling Island and the South Islands.
North Keeling Island, an uninhabited atoll shaped like a horseshoe with an enclosed lagoon, is Australia’s most remote national park. South Keeling Islands, a collection of islets, forms an incomplete ring where empty beaches, world-class diving and tropical weather tempt vacationers in search of a peaceful tropical getaway. The population on the South Islands - just over 600 people - speak English as their main language and use the Australian Dollar for currency. The islands have a five person police force and an economy mainly based on water-activity focused tourism and nature tourism.

The standard water activities are popular such as scuba, snorkelling, fishing, surfing and most recently becoming popular is the sport of kite-boarding. And of course there are endless white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise waters for those who prefer to stay on the sand. Though the population is small the island still provides local and international phone lines, internet service and satellite TV. There's also one elementary school and one high school for local children to attend. The un-inhabited islands are all accessible by boat and make for great exploring on a day trip.
For more detailed information on the Cocos Keeling Islands visit their official tourism webpage.

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