They Changed Rock n' Roll Forever

They changed Rock N’ Roll Forever……forty plus years ago, four very intense Blues enthusiasts got together with one goal in mind, to elevate the Blues and electrify this style of music to the stratosphere!  The four unleashed their first folly in 1969, a self-titled album that took the music world by storm.  Led Zeppelin began breaking records right then and there, with recording that first album in less than a month.  The four embarked upon a musical journey that would become legendary, for the group, their music and each individual.  They went on to smash record sales numbers, concert attendances, and pushed the boundaries of Blues and Blues/Rock to limits that we haven’t seen since!

In 2007, the three original surviving members, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant reconvened with their drummer’s son; Jason Bonham to make history in England.  This one-off reunion and performance is now available to all of us, whom followed this grand foursome through forty years of enormous power and musical expression.  “Celebration Day” is a triumphant return to the stage, and tens of thousands saw the magic first hand, and now millions can share.  The deluxe version of this release is two CD’s, one Blu-ray Concert DVD, and a bonus DVD with behind the scenes footage including live rehearsals.  Well worth the coin to shell out!  Now, to the meat of the matter.  Unpretentious, just like the group, the concert explodes with sound…the opening number; “Good times Bad Times” soars beyond anyone’s expectations, and the juggernaut of Led Zeppelin is set loose.

The magic is still there, the skill and finesse is still there, and each of the members are truly enjoying themselves, and thankful to be able to give this gift to those attending.  John Bonham’s son; Jason is enthralling, pounding out those strange rhythmic signatures just like his Dad.  As one watches this concert progress, one quickly realises that Jason is truly honoured to have taken up the challenge and sitting at his father’s throne.  The performances are hard and heavy, with sections dedicated to each to showcase their individual talents, and all the while bringing back that unique sound that was and is the true greatest Rock band in the world…Led Zeppelin! 

Very nicely shot, this film gives you a front row seat, whereas you can see the expressions of each musician and how they feed off of each other.  There are moments that are quite emotional, just in their looks and glances to each other…especially towards Jason.  Coupled with a genuine appreciation from the members to the audience, “Celebration Day” will immerse you in a plethora of feelings, pulling at your heart strings and maybe even bring a tear or two to your eye!  It did me, and as far as Jason Bonham: being a drummer myself, I can relate to what must have been going through him as he played his father’s masterful strokes and put a little of his own signature to the proceedings.  John Bonham was certainly smiling on that December night in 2007, gazing from afar toward his son just like John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page!

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The Vernon Performing Arts Centre:  Saturday Nov. 24th @ 8pm :

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….19th Annual ROCK4KIDS @ Whiski Jacks Pub (West Kelowna)  Sunday December 2nd….a full listing of Talent in next week’s ‘Under The Lights’!!

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