Stand out with camouflage

Fashion always manages to surprise me - that is one of the reasons I love it so much. I constantly catch myself saying "Ugh, I'd never wear something like that!" until, fast forward a few years, designers have based their collection around that something and I fall head over heels.  An example of this is the sweatshirt, which I wrote about previously: I never thought the sweatshirt would be trendy, let alone be a piece you can dress up.

This week we are talking about a similar trend that has managed to take me by surprise: dressing up camouflage.  I've never liked camouflage (I believed it should be reserved solely for hunting and the army) but this season it is inescapable.  And you know what? I'm totally digging it.
We've seen military influences on fashion pretty consistently over the last few seasons, with army green, military button detail, and cargo jackets found all over the place.  This subtle nod to military has led to what we're seeing this season, where designers are throwing subtlety out the window and using camo print in blouses, jackets, skirts, and pants.
The key to wearing this print is to balance it with ultra feminine pieces.  Ditch the combat boots and matching jackets, and pair the print with soft fabrics, dressed up blouses, and delicate heels.  Pairing it with these more glamourous and sophisticated separates gives the army print a modern and unexpected look.
Looking for more options for wearing the camouflage look? Wear a camo jacket over a pretty lace dress, or dress it down with a printed tee and red jeans.  If you're daring, print mix this sort-of neutral with leopard or snakeskin (also sort-of neutral prints).
Any way you pair it, camouflage will make you stand out in the crowd.

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