Doctor testifies in rape trial

Warning graphic testimony - A Penticton RCMP officer testified Thursday that he found a knife sheath, condom wrappers and a large black object with bits of a condom stuck to it at an old pump house near Okanagan Falls.

The discoveries were made in the early morning hours of  Aug 1, 2011, after a woman calling from an IGA parking lot told police she had been sexually assaulted.

The officer, along with other officers and the doctor who performed the sexual assault examination on the woman, were among the witnesses testifying on the third day of the trial for Ronald Teneycke in Penticton.

Teneycke, a convicted sex offender, is accused of assaulting the 44-year-old woman inside an old pump house on the night of July 31, 2011.

Constable Bruce Matatall said at around 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 1, he and another officer traveled from Penticton to the IGA parking lot in Okanagan Falls to assist a constable already on the scene. Upon arrival they observed him speaking with a female and two younger females.

Believing the suspect to be Teneycke, they went to his mother's home, where they observed a white Cadillac in the carport.

The house was completely dark and there was no answer when the officers knocked on the door and identified themselves as the police.

After several attempts to communicate with someone in the house, officers as well as a police service dog entered the residence.

As they continued to identify themselves as the police, Teneycke's mother came out of an upstairs bedroom. She was wearing pajamas and looked like she wondered what was going on, he said.

Teneycke then exited his room wearing underwear and a blue bathrobe. As he stood at the top of the stairs, Matatall informed him he was under arrest for sexual assault. Tenecycke stared at the officers, but did not say anything, he said.

Matatall and a couple of other RCMP members were given directions to where the alleged assault took place about seven or eight kilometres from Teneycke's mother's home. At the location they walked into the bush and found three outbuildings.

There was nothing at the first two, but at the third , which the officer described as very run down, they observed the items including the condom wrappers, a knife sheaf and some twine or thread just outside the building and a homemade dildo inside.

A button or buckle was also located nearby.

The location itself was definitely off the beaten track, a very rough area, he said.

During cross examination, defence lawyer Michael Welsh asked if the officers had their guns drawn when they were in the Okanagan Falls home.

When the witness said three of them did, Welsh said, so when Teneycke came out of his bedroom he would have seen, police officers, a dog, several flashlights and guns.

Dr. Jeanne Mace, a Kelowna doctor who performs sexual assault examinations, said during her testimony Thursday  that she found bruises, abrasions and scratches  on the woman when she examined her the morning of Aug, 1.

On her lower body there were signs of a foreign material and horizontal tears. When she touched this area of the woman's body she showed signs of pain, the witness said.

Those injuries were consistent with forced penetration or assault, while the bruises and abrasions on her body were consistent with a violent incident, she claimed.

Welsh suggested in cross examination that digital penetration during rough consensual sex could have resulted in the woman's injuries.

And the bruises and abrasions could have been the result of a nasty fall she took over a concrete meridian, where she landed on cement, he said.

The witness responded saying the bruises and abrasions could be consistent with a fall but not the scratches.

The trial is expected on continue on Friday.

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