Horoscope: Nov. 25 - Dec. 1

Emotions free-float as some come to terms with how they really feel. Discuss whether you are heading in the same direction before making a more permanent commitment. Start fresh Monday as Mercury resumes forward motion, putting things back on track. Changes or innovations can be brilliant; an adventurous spirit motivates. Those who can handle responsibility should take the lead without being too controlling. Avoid power struggles. The full moon Wednesday encourages travel. Relationships are enhanced (business or personal). Passion increases in cozy places.

  • Aries - Shift gears where needed to move things forward. Associates want a better strategy.
  • Taurus - Situations related to distance or the past come up again. A new spin improves results.
  • Gemini - Relationships will be affected by a division of duties or responsibilities (personal or business).
  • Cancer - Those in positions of power or authority affect your status. Cooperation works best.
  • Leo - Insist on a proactive approach in ways that others can accept. Explain your reasoning.
  • Virgo - Circumstances work in your favor even though some annoy you. They depend on you.
  • Libra - Take control of environments (yours or others). Focus on cost saving measures there.
  • Scorpio - Your leadership skills are required in more than one area. Prioritize the importance.
  • Sagittarius - Information behind the scenes give you an edge. Advance personal or business.
  • Capricorn - Your forceful words or actions are supported by those in authority. Change occurs.
  • Aquarius - Your position or status gets support behind the scenes. Investigate. Take control.
  • Pisces - You have luck with location, near or far. Opportunities open up; take advantage of it.

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