Making the money you expected?

Do you know why not? (Yes, I’m making a big assumption that you said ‘no’).

Really, it doesn’t matter if you are making a gazillion dollars an hour or minimum wage - if you’re not where you expect to be there is something getting in the way. For the most part, what’s getting in your way is likely you.

But what about the slow economy? I can tell you this is the most common question I get when I suggest that we’re getting in our own way. We’ve come to learn that when things aren’t going our way – the first place to look is outside of ourselves. Someone else MUST be to blame. Heavens! It can’t be me, I’m doing everything I know how to do!


If we’re doing everything we know how to do and nothing’s changing – then you need to change what you know how to do!

This is usually when I get slapped with, ‘Well, Karen, the reality is….’ Ewww, you have to know when anyone starts to give me ‘the reality is’ speech – I do have to say that I bristle a little bit.   (Okay, truthfully, I bristle a lot)!

The thing is what I want so much for everyone that I come in contact with is to live the life they are truly meant to live and that only comes by starting to take responsbility for everything that crosses your path. How else can you claim to create your life if you don’t take responsibility for everything?

The reality is that we create our reality. Period. Of course other people and circumstances have an impact on us but only to the extent that we let them have an impact on us.

Now this is usually where some people like to shift to ‘you’re blaming me’ talk. Understand that when it comes to attraction principles and other universal principles - there is no blame, ever. It is what it is. It is neither good nor bad – the laws don’t judge nor play favorites.

So get over it – if you want to play – you have to take responsibility.

Now, on to how one gets in their own way with regards to their income level. The block can come in all kinds of ways and truly, the best way to start identifying your blocks is to get some knowledge around this or work with a coach who can help you. I’ve done both and it’s made a world of difference!

Here are some common blocks:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • Fear of the result of going for it.
  • Avoidance (which usually always fold back into some underlying fear).
  • Stopping too early – not following through to your full potential (again flanked by fear).
  • Blame on something external.

Those are just a few and I would suggest you start to examine each of these and see what stands out most for you. (Hint: if you’re avoiding doing this – what’s blocking you is likely hidden in what you’re avoiding!)

You know, sometimes it comes down to just asking for what you want. To me, you don’t ask – you don’t get. Of course, there is a skill behind asking for what you want – especially if it comes to talking to an employer. Get advice on that, okay!?

For business owners - there are a whole suite of ways to start incorporating the universal laws and attraction principles so you can start to get what you want from your business.

But let’s start with asking your Higher Power (Universe, God, Source Energy) for what you want first. Be clear. Don’t waffle. ASK!

Next, ask a few questions of your Higher Power and of your subconscious mind:

  • What would it take to change my money flows?
  • What would it take to expand my income exponentially? (my personal favorite!)
  • What else is possible with my finances?

These will get you started. Remember, when you ask these questions you are to watch for what bubbles up. These questions are not for you to cognitively figure out. Get to a quiet space where you’re not being distracted and ask the questions. What will happen next (if you stay out of figuring out the answer) is that ideas, thoughts and images will pop into your mind either at this time or as you go through your day. I just did this down at the beach and I’m always amazed at the inspiration that shows up.

Truly, I love working with people to uncover these hidden beliefs – it is so rewarding to see individuals break through because it has such a positive impact on everything!! On families, on businesses, on employees….on the economy!! Let’s get you moving! Review the blocks above – see what you can do to move through them and if you want more help, come to the Essentials program and get your free trial – let’s see what we can do to help!

In the Essentials program, all we deal with is what stops you and I share a lot of techniques to try that has shifted the participants quickly to allow a different awareness to show up and change everything. Money is a BIG topic and we already have great recordings of past Q&A’s that will be immensely helpful to you! Check it out!!


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It wasn’t always so exciting and glamorous. Having worked for years for non-profits, government contractors and social agencies – Karen has worked front line with some of society’s most dangerous, misunderstood and disenfranchised individuals...with success. Karen has been featured in the well-read Huffington Post, HuffPo Live, appeared on Global BC, and featured in The Financial Post and The Vancouver Sun and is a sought after speaker for business and women's groups.

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