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Over the past few weeks, I’ve received many assignments from my main Editor out of Italy, from brand new Artists, to seasoned Veterans and Unsung Heroes.  One of those precious assignments was the opportunity to sit down with Jimi Jamison and talk about his latest and most ambitious Work.  It certainly was a pleasure to be able to converse with this humble man once again!  Truly a survivor, here are some thoughts from Mr. Jamison:

Question: Since our last conversation, during the release of “Crossroads Moments”, you have toured across Europe and in the course of this time met Erik Martensson… At this juncture did you think that you and Erik would produce something as special as “Never Too Late”?

Answer: Hi Bruce, Thank you…This is a pleasure to be able to talk to friends and fans and give them some incite about the cd. I was familiar with Erik's work from his other projects so I knew that he was going to come up with a great format for me to add my part to.  He really put his heart and soul into this very special album and I can't thank him enough for never cutting corners and truly working as if every note might be his last. Thank you Erik.

Q: I realize that 2011 was spent in creating this record, let’s go through some of the creative process. Did you

approach this project any differently than others?

A: Yes, actually I was on tour so much in 2011 that I relied heavily on Serafino to choose the songs…Which was really no worry for me as both ours tastes are pretty much always spot on. I have a great respect for this man and his

love and knowledge of great music. Also, it’s the first time I've been in the studio alone to produce my own vocals on a cd that is about be released worldwide so I worked extra hard to make them as good as they could possibly be.

Q: On the cover artwork, there is New York at the end of a desert, the Mount Rushmore and the American eagle. What is its meaning?

A:The US has been through a lot in the past few years. The images on the cd represent events in our history that we will never forget.  New York of course represents the tragic attack on 9-11 which took the lives of so many innocent people and the heroes who bravely gave their own lives to save others. Mount Rushmore reminds us of the great leaders who set the standards on which this country was built and the Eagle stands as a symbol of the pride of this great country.

Q: You also have assembled a great line-up of musical friends, please talk about everyone else’s contributions…

A: I owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful talents and heart given in every track to each of the members of this fantastic team who made this album something we can all be proud of. Erik Martensson - what can I say… His

talent is something that only God can bestow - producer, mixer, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and for making the magic happen Miqael Persson - whose lyrics touched my heart and visually paint a picture

that we see in each song. Magnus Ulfstedt - My friend, bandmate and the most incredible drummer - I ever performed with Jonas Oijvall - unbelievable job on Hammond B-3, piano and analog synth. Magnus Henriksson - Absolutely amazing leads on "Heaven Call Your Name" and "Street Survivor" And… For the first time, I am so proud to introduce

my daughter, singer / songwriter Lacy Jamison - who sang harmony and backing vocals with me on "Heaven Call Your Name" and inspired me to vocally perform beyond normal emotions on this special song. I am very thankful.

Q: Magnus Henriksson has guested on this album as well, with “Street Survivor” and “Heaven Call Your Name”… Did you write specifically for his guitar stylings?

A: Eric and Miqael wrote these two songs and I'm sure Magnus was in their minds as they were writing.  Great honor to have Magnus on the album.

Q: Some are saying that “Never Too Late” contains some of the hardest / heaviest music from you in a long

while… Do you agree?

A: I agree and I love it ! There is something inside us all that just wants to ROCK! Always has been for me. There is nothing like going to a concert and feeling that excitement and power.

Q: Of course, I must ask the obvious questions, are you preparing to tour this album…If so, where and when?

A: Yes, I'm not sure about when and haven't worked out the details but I really want to play this record live.

Q: Would your touring band be those we hear on “Never Too Late”?

A: That would be amazing... if they are available. Plus adding a couple of killer players I'm thinking of.

Q: You have a long standing working relationship with Frontiers… Why, in your opinion, and with everything out there that is available to the up and coming musician is Frontiers so successful in reaching the music loving public, where others don’t seem to be?

A: I can't speak for Frontiers but I can give my opinion as I see it. To me, Frontiers is about giving the fans as much great music as possible.  They know how to relate to artists in plain language and they are willing to take a chance on

new groups where others are only thinking of making a new young artist big and making as much money off them as possible and giving the unsuspecting new artist as little as possible. Frontiers really does go beyond the call of duty

and works with groups on a personal level as well as a business level. Also: There are a lot of formerly successful bands out there… great bands with great new songs who somehow are ignored by radio and big labels in the rising

noise of internet music.  Thankfully Frontiers realizes that a ton of fans still want to hear these groups and their new music as well as their hits and, as I see it, come to the rescue of many of these groups. Don't know exactly how they are able to do this but hey... They are doing it … and growing, and that helps us all.

Q: “Never Too Late” will undoubtedly open up new vistas, will you concentrate more on North America or do you see Europe and Asia being the more receptive?

A: If we can get this record in the ear of the public, I think it could be successful anywhere. US, Europe, Asia etc... I'm proud of this cd and I enjoy listening to it as does everyone I have heard from who has listened to it so far.  So, it doesn't really matter where we start.

Q: Have you heard the new Pride Of Lions album “Immortal”? If yes, what do you think about it?

A: Yes I have and it is wonderful as usual.

Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat, and as is my tradition… I like to leave the last words to my guests… so please feel free to leave us with some final thoughts…

A: To all fans/friends everywhere.  Thank you for reading this interview and hopefully for listening to my new cd. In fact… Listen to every cd you can. Don't miss out on great music no matter whose music it is. Thanks you all!

Jimi Jamison  “Never Too Late”                          

Frontiers Records
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson                                                                                                                      

     From one of Rockdom’s hardest working Singer/Songwriters’—“Never Too Late” is the latest from Jimi Jamison!

    Just last year, Jimi rejoined Survivor, but found time to compose another fine solo effort.  Re-energised, Mr. Jamison has partnered with the multi-talented Songwriter Erik Martensson, whom is no stranger to European Music-lovers.  Together, these two musicians give us a musical set that puts the Energy Needle way past 10!

    Now, can Jimi deliver!  The title track ‘Never Too Late’ is just one small example of how much energy this seasoned singer can produce!  Wrap this up with ten more creations and you have a masterful musical journey that will continually soar!  Seems Jimi has strapped on the Rock and is taking no prisoners.  “Never Too Late” is a very ‘meaty’ collection.  Tracks that show the toughness of this fluid Vocalist.  Perhaps more so than previous Works.

   ‘Never Too Late’ could very well be Jimi’s finest effort to date…don’t hesitate to pick this one up—you will not be disappointed!!

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