Layering for winter

Although it's still somewhat early, after the gorgeous snowfall last week, I think it's safe to say winter has arrived.

And with the snow has come all manner of complaints over our sudden turn of season, which leaves me both amused and incredulous! I mean really, we have it pretty easy here in the Okanagan compared to many of our Canadian friends and relatives.

I can understand the early winter grumpies; I too was caught off-guard with my winter outerwear still in storage/un-purchased, but we can quickly solve that problem. Since we have some milder periods in our Okanagan winters, I like to focus on layers to keep me warm, and getting the maximum wear our of my season-to-season coats.  We're going to be wearing jackets, parkas and coats for the next four months, so keeping it fresh and interesting is important. This week, I've picked three of my favourite outerwear pieces and used a faux fur stole to add interest and warmth!

A sweater coat is the trendiest jacket this season. I've had this one in the back of my closet for years, and if you're looking for a deal, check out the local thrift store. Heavy fabrics and large shapes like grandpa cardigans can be easily worn as an outer layer.

A military coat is the perfect all-year-round jacket. The classic army green color goes with everything and can be worn over a range of pieces, from your waxed jeans to a party dress. The added faux fur gives it the look of a parka without buying a whole new jacket!

I always love a great leather jacket! Extra warmth from layering knit sweaters underneath can keep you cozy through the winter, and I just love the contrast and texture the fur gives with paired with it!

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