Time saving fitness tips!

If you can attest to being one of the many that admit either career or family responsibilities take away from your availability of time for a workout, leaving you with an unused gym membership..... this read may just help you!

Let's start off with understanding that making the most of your available time is key! The belief that a workout requires an hour plus to get results is fiction! If you have been skipping the gym because of your “lack of time” give these time saving steps a try and get one of your best workouts in, after all.... all you need is 20-30 min!

1. Perform circuit training - Circuit training is simply performing one exercise for each muscle group without rest. Select 6 major muscle group exercises, complete each exercise for 12 reps, take a 1 min break once all 6 exercises are complete and repeat 2 more times! Circuit training is an efficient way to increase your cardiovascular endurance, build strength and tone! Don’t be fooled by the short time period this workout needs.... this may just be one of your most challenging, effective and efficient workouts yet!

Try this sample workout:

  • 12 reps - Reverse lunge with biceps curl
  • Max - Push-ups with proper form and technique
  • 12 reps Shoulder Press (dumbbells)
  • 12 reps- Triceps Tips
  • 12 reps- Weighted squats / Squat Jumps
  • 12 reps- Back Row

2. Perform weights and cardio on separate days - Don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to pack in cardio and your workout on the same day! Alternate your workout plan if you are limited for time! Hit your favoured piece of cardio equipment one day, perform interval drills to maximise your limited time! The following day perform your circuit style workout!

3. Design a split routine - You don't necessarily need to work every major muscle group in each workout. One day, work only your upper body for 20 minutes and then finish with 10 minutes of cardio. The next workout, do lower body and finish with 10-15 minutes of cardio.

Enjoy your express workout and benefit from the results, mentally and physically! A short effective workout will always feel better than no workout!

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