Horoscope: November 18 - 24

Ease into the week and deal with things in a laid back manner; others don't want to be pressured. Attend early morning meetings Monday. Request necessary details from those who like to avoid giving them. Light is shed on hidden agendas or promotional schemes, grounding some illusions. Take practical steps toward goals for ultimate success. Charming words or actions help produce results to everyone's benefit. Suppress nasty comments, reckless and impulsive behavior that may cause accidents or retaliation (domestically or globally). Controlled discipline aids compromise.

  • Aries - Be patient with those who try to unseat you. They need to know it will trigger backlash.
  • Taurus - Handle things in a confidential manner until the details are secured. Share benefits.
  • Gemini - Your ability to adapt allows you to benefit from unexpected changes. Go ahead with it.
  • Cancer - Negotiate instead of making demands. There is some resistance from those involved.
  • Leo - Take care of extra duties or responsibilities that cause you to adapt quickly. It works out.
  • Virgo - Keep your eye on your goals no matter how circumstances shift. Avoid any conflicts.
  • Libra - Your ideas are moneymakers and time savers. Those who resist are just jealous of you.
  • Scorpio - Your charm increases your influence and income. You catch others off guard now.
  • Sagittarius - Support behind the scenes allows you to make a power play. Conserve assets.
  • Capricorn - Keep things calm or controlled on the home front. Any changes need planning.
  • Aquarius - Anxiety or impatience push you to take actions. Consider long term expectations.
  • Pisces - Pull strings behind the scenes or from a distance. You know how to play the games.

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