Hyatt trial will continue next week

A neighbour of the teen hosting the party where Ashlee Hyatt died, testified Friday that noisy, violent  parties were commonplace at the home.

The man was among witnesses for the defence who began testifying at the Kelowna trial Friday. A young woman stands accused of stabbing to death Hyatt at a house party in Peachland on June 2, 2010.

On the night Hyatt died it was even noisier than usual with a great deal of hostility being displayed, said David Mulhall.

He heard insults and threats and saw someone lying on the road. He had no idea who that person was or that it could be such a serious situation.

Eventually an ambulance came and there was an attempt to revive the girl on the road, but nothing worked.

"It was obvious she was very badly off," he said.

There were a lot of people milling around, and he heard a woman's voice, who he believed to be the neighbour holding the party, shouting at someone to get out of her house.

"She said get the F....out of my house m.....f........ that was the kind of evening it was," he said. "Later I heard her say, "look what you've done. I couldn't do that."

The witness said he was familiar with the host's voice because he heard it often. In general, when the raucous parties took place, he noticed the shouting and cursing was mostly confined to the young women.

Another neighbor Carolyn Cartier, who has a long association with the family, said she also heard a loud party going on. When she went outside she saw kids running everywhere, talking on their cell phones and texting people.

The host of the party was distraught, screaming and crying and being escorted into a police car.

Her husband , Evan George Young, said when he first looked out his window he heard a lot of kids talking in loud voices and saw a young man in the middle of the road, talking on a cell phone, saying "it's going down, it's happening now."

When he walked outside he saw paramedics working on a girl on the ground. When the ambulance left the police began working to control the situation.

There was a lot of chaos, he said, kids running and on cell phones screaming and talking.

He also noticed the host of the party in the back of a police car, having an asthma attack. As it grew more serious he went and got her a puffer.

As soon as she used the puffer and came around she took off running. He eventually found her by looking under his trailer. Once he talked her out of there, she again took off running and went over a fence.

James Masters, a paramedic, who attended to Hyatt, described a similar chaotic scene.

When he first arrived he saw police cars, people out on the street and a female lying on the side of the road with a male attending to her, holding a cloth on her right shoulder.

"When I got out I had to step around blood. The fellow on the ground said she quit breathing a few minutes ago," he said.

As he got closer, the witness saw a puncture wound on the girl's right side behind the collarbone that looked like a clean wound.

He recalled yelling out, "How did this happen," but no one could tell him what took place.

Defence lawyer Ingrid Friesen  told the jury the trial will continue into next week, with the most important witness, the accused, expected to take the stand on Tuesday.

"She remembers what happened that night, and she will tell you in full," she said. "She has been waiting two years to tell you what happened."

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