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One of the most enjoyable experiences of the Christmas season is taking in wonderful displays of exterior decorations in our neighbourhoods. The exterior of our home is the part that all of our neighbours and passerby’s can see and many homeowners take special pride in decorating the exterior of their homes for the Christmas season. The good news is having a fabulous display doesn’t mean getting out the 24-foot ladder to reach the eaves and precariously put up lights. There are many great options for low level light displays and decorations that are easy to setup.

Having viewed many of the Valley's gated communities during the Christmas season; it’s quite obvious to me that many people may not be interested in, or able to put display lighting on the high points of their homes. To eliminate the risks associated with slips, falls and other injuries many homeowners are choosing to decorate their homes with low level displays. With little effort to put them up and take them down, low level displays are taking off. One trip to Christmas merchants yields an amazing assortment of quality outdoor lighting and displays.

Being creative without having to go up a ladder has never been easier. Low level shrubs and trees can become featured Christmas exhibits using attractive light nets or by using several different kinds of strings. Pre-made frameworks are affordable to purchase and decorate that offer great scenes. Frameworks take much of the laborious effort out of making a Christmas design out of lights.

Pre-lit walkway decorations are another type of easy and no fuss Christmas outdoor decoration to set up and enjoy in minutes. Place them on each side of your walkway or at your front door to impress anyone who's on a visit at your home.

Low level outdoor Christmas decorating provides anyone who passes by to enjoy sensational effects. Showcasing your home with affordable outdoor nativity sets and Christmas scenes and motifs is in style. Try using inflatable characters and wreaths for quick and easy effective decorations. It is recommended to start shopping early in order to make sure that all outdoor lighted Christmas decorating items are available in stores. Your neighbours might even be green and red with envy seeing your Christmas outdoor decorations.

For tips on putting up Christmas lights click here.

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