Weighing in on the youth vote

Back in 2008 a crucial component of Barack Obama's victory was the under 30 vote. Fast forward four years and a few failed promises later and the youth vote might not be what it used to be.

Yet here in Canada there are some students who believe that despite some disillusion with Obama, it is not enough to cast a ballot for Republican Mitt Romney.

One of those students is the President of the UBCO young Liberals, Tim Krupa. He believes there were high expectations back in 2008, but this year it's clear both candidates are still advocating for change.

"I think at the end of the day young people will still be excited about Barack, he is unbelievably likeable. He plays basket-ball, he listens to Jay-Z, he runs around the stage, he has the intangibles and charisma that Mitt Romney doesn't have," says Krupa.

Despite concerns, students may have with Obama, at least they are debating the issues. This is a focal point for UBCO's Financial Coordinator Curtis Tse who believes that if young people are talking it's more likely they will be out voting.

"Voting is a key part of the society we live in. One important thing that I've learned is that when the issues matter, students will go out and vote. We just need to make sure they are aware of the issues and that will encourage them to go to the polls."

A key element for engaging youth voters in this election was social media. The website generationopportunity.org prompted people to register to vote, take action and embark on discussion.

Krupa says social media is the best way to reach out to young people and keep a conversation going.

"Things that come to mind, is from the second town hall debate, was when Mitt Romney had that 'binders full of women' gaff and for two or three days that is all young people saw on social media."

Although UBCO students won't be able to vote themselves they will be tuned in Tuesday night at the campus pub anxiously awaiting the results. 

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