Don't blame the city

To the editor:

Re: Kelowna affordability:

It all depends on your experiences, I guess.

However, I can’t think of a any community where single moms prosper.

Kelowna is a lot better than some places, and a lot worse than others.

When my two sons were born, we lived in Vancouver, and were broke, couldn’t afford a house, and rents were atrocious.

Hand to mouth, living from paycheck to paycheck, beans and wieners were luxuries!

Then I moved to Kelowna, could afford a modest home, and while Kelowna isn’t the cheapest place to be, it also isn’t Vancouver or Toronto.

The point I’m labouring to make is, it isn’t the community that is responsible for your prosperity and happiness, you are.

Blaming the city is a cop out.

Bill Grigg

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