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Caye Caulker

Formerly known as Cay Corker on early British maps, Caye Caulker is located one mile west of Belize Reef and is a a four mile long island, part of a chain of islands forming the Belize Barrier Reef. This small limestone coral island has a population of only 1,300 and boasts of having a relaxing atmosphere with white sand streets, golf carts for transportation, and a laid back casual dress code with shoes always being optional. Tourism started on the island in the 1970's and though small as the island is, tourism continues to be one of the islands thriving economic builders. Along with tourism the island has survived on fishing as its main income as well as scuba diving.
The diving immediately around Caye Caulker is easily accessible where divers will enjoy the shallow dives and get to see a good variety of sea life and coral. Diving around Caye Caulker is spur-and-groove with some deep canyons, swim through, a variety of underwater caves and reef cuts. Visibility is terrific, often 150 feet or more and many of the dive sites are best for intermediate and advanced divers.
Caye Caulker is also the shipbuilding and boat racing center of Belize; being famous for its tradition of ship building. This 'building' is a craft and skill that has been passed from generation to generation on the island and continues to be a major hobby for island inhabitants today.
Also to be enjoyed are sailing, birding, jungle tours, and windsurfing in the clear azure waters of the Caribbean that surround the island. The local tour guides are happy to arrange jungle trips up the rivers of the mainland, where you will see orchids, bromeliads, cactus, a variety of birds, monkeys, bats and other wildlife.
There are over 30 hotels, along with a variety of restaurants and shops, but Caye Caulker remains friendly and easy-going, avoiding the commercialism of other destinations. Have a chat with your travel agent today about making your plans to visit this beautiful island. 

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