Horoscope: November 4 - 10

Seek harmony and balance where possible. This will aid progress in more than one area. Reach across boundaries or international borders for compromise. Calm emotional tension with reason. Saving face is a project for some and they pursue it like a dog with a bone. The planet Mercury turns retrograde Tuesday, upsetting apple carts or throwing things in reverse for a few weeks. It's time to clear, sell, correct, or rebuild. Avoid signing binding contracts. Organize practical plans. Social/romantic activity steps up by the weekend. Spend quality time together. Dine out.

  • Aries - Look at past successes as a formula for the future. The "tried and true" is usually best.
  • Taurus - Agreements have a positive affect on your sources of income. Your generosity shows.
  • Gemini - Your natural communicative talents have an influence on those who are undecided.
  • Cancer - Pull strings behind the scenes to boost your luck in home or property matters. Relax.
  • Leo - Attend special events or be more involved in clubs or groups. Take a prominent role.
  • Virgo - Career and finances get a boost. Stick to a plan that you know works for you and others.
  • Libra - Special plans lead to travel. Some expenses could be covered if you play it right. Enjoy.
  • Scorpio - Others fulfil wishes for you. It's time for payback for all you have done for them before.
  • Sagittarius - Those of wealth or power connect with you and include you in their inner circle.
  • Capricorn - Your job or career status is good no matter what is going on around you. Adjust.
  • Aquarius - Your position gets a boost through special connections or support they give you.
  • Pisces - Convert what you want to cash. You like to have the edge when negotiating terms.

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