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Do I have something in my teeth?

Today’s beef goes out to anyone who has ever been forced to suffer the embarrassment of walking around with something stuck in your hair, hanging from your nose or wedged between your teeth because the person you just had a ten-minute conversation with about the price of rice in China, didn’t have the common courtesy TO TELL YOU IT WAS THERE!

Not only is telling you it’s there the right thing to do, but it is expected of someone. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you if the roles were reversed? Stupid question really, OF COURSE YOU WOULD! 

Who wouldn’t rather suffer the 30 seconds of embarrassment in front of just one person instead of, unknowingly, walking around the town for hours and embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people with what appears to be a large part of the Spicy Santa Fe Chicken Salad you had for lunch trapped between your front teeth?

I will admit that this might be funny if you are dealing with a good friend and just trying to mess with them; actually, it has the potential to be a great viral video if it’s done right; however, if it is a business professional or kind stranger you are talking to on the street or in a bar, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t tell them it’s there? Do you think they already know and are trying to make some sort of fashion statement, or maybe they are saving it for later and wanted to do their part for the environment, so instead of a takeout container, they decided to hold it in their teeth?

I think we can all agree we want to be told when there is something on our face or in our teeth, so can we stop being so shy and help out someone that you know will truly appreciate it?  Let’s be honest, if you can help someone avoid a big embarrassment like this, they might return the favour and tell you that skin-tight jeans are not making a comeback and being a hipster is not a job! 

Just paying it forward!

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